High Speed Gigabit WiFi

As of December 1, 2020
We are using an OPEN network
with NO Password.

Simply find the network that you can connect to the best.

Please note. The systems and connections have been tested with 1-3 year old equipment, cell phones, ipads, and android tablets. If you are using older equipment — we do not guarantee that your older systems will operate correctly. You Must be using WiFI a/b/g/n or ac connection.

The network name(s) you are looking for:

jimosrvpark (network closest to the office) Range 150-200′
jimosrvpark2.4-east (network furthest east on the property)
jimosrvpark5.8-east (network furthest east on the property)
jimosrvpark2.4-north (network furthest north on the property)
jimosrvpark5.8-north (network furthest north on the property)

JimosPrivate (is for Office use only)

We have installed high power 1000mw WiFi antenna on our premises that will serve up the facility. We have invested in a 2.4Ghz, wide band network nearest the office, and at the ends of the property we have added 2 new high power antenna that operate in the 2.4Ghz, and 5.8Ghz WiFi Bands.

Our RV Park is utilizing a 1000MB download capability (1Gigabit download connection) and upto 1/2 a Gigabit upload capability. Please remember that all of our residents need to understand that we are all “sharing” this connection. What that means is please be considerate in choosing your streaming speed to 720P on your smart tvs and if you have buffering issues you may from time to time chose to LOWER your streaming speeds. We can have a total of 250 connections from each of our antenna. We have 3 of them. This should allow upto a 750 concurrent connections.

If we have 40 spaces, and that is divided into 1000MB, there should be 25Mbps available (theoretically) for each resident. So if you have 5 devices streaming video at 5Mbps, we will have enough capacity.

1 4K video stream will take up 25Mbps of that download capability. So please be aware that if everyone is streaming only 1 4k stream, we will be able to accommodate all 40 residents with 1 stream.

I think you get the idea.

Also if you are NEEDING BETTER UPLOAD speeds you can check into a WiFi repeater system that ranges from $89 to $299 that will allow you to have the BEST connection possible. The further away from one of our 3 towers, and the more metal / or obstructions will require you to have a WiFi Repeater to PUSH the signal back to our router(s).

Thank you for your understanding of our fair use policy.

Want to Increase Your WiFi Speed?

WiFi is composed of two channels. A Transmit channel from the tower to a circular area around the towers upto 500 feet. The problem with this is, most devices that operate on WiFi will only be able to transmit back to the tower only 50-200 feet.

The Solution(s)

Purchase and setup a WiFi repeater system that will PUSH back your signal to the receiving tower.

Here are 4 antenna that solve these problems from $89 for the basic (in your inside window to a line of sight to one of our antenna). 3 of the solutions use higher power transmitters EXTERNALLY to your RV that will REPEAT a signal inside your Metal BOX that shields the WiFi signal

Here are the solutions from LEAST POWER and LEAST DIRECTIONAL repeater to HIGHEST POWER & HIGHEST DIRECTIONAL antenna.

Click to View the items below on Amazon.

We cannot be your technical support for these devices, however if you would like your antenna system professionally installed you can contact John Fraser at 870-495-2800